A native of Suchdol nad Odrou (Moravian), David Zeisberger lived most of his life on the other side of the ocean. It is said of him that nobody did more for the American Indians then he did. His name, origins and service, however, are almost unknown in his native town. Zeisberger came from a Unity of the Brethren community based in Herrnhut, founded by the Saxon Count Zinzendorf. From here missionaries were sent out to all parts of the world to address the different nations and offer them Christianity as a new way of living. The adventurous story of David Zeisberger covers 60 years of his life among the Indians. It is a unique demonstration of the determination with which the missionaries of thet time set out into dangerous and unknown territories as well as the contribution that Christianity brought to the Indians in those difficult times.

David Zeisberger – Apostle of the Indians

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